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Château D'Yquem


The start of the growing season in later March set the stage for very successful flowering. A first "tidying-up" pass to remove any berries affected by sour rot took place from the 21st to the 26th of September. The real harvest began in earnest from 28/9 to 3/10 with two passes that produced a large amount of very sweet grapes. It rained for 22 days in a row (213 mm) starting on the 9th of October. While there were still grapes with an honourable degree of sugar to be picked from the 13th to the 16th, the ones harvested on the 9 following days were not up to par. There was nevertheless a very large crop because yields amounted to 22 hl/ha). The beginning of weather records at Yquem.
Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health, drink Yquem in moderation. Terms & conditions